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About Our Church


On Sunday, August 23, 2009, the predominately white Shively Heights Baptist Church led by Pastor Mark Payton and the predominately African American St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church led by Pastor Lincoln Bingham. The merger of the two Louisville, Kentucky congregations garnered much local and national media attention. Pastor's Bingham and Payton would co-shepherd the church for three years equally sharing the pastoral and preaching responsibilities. 

In 2012, Pastor Mark Payton was called to another church. Pastor Lincoln Bingham would continue to shepherd the St. Paul Baptist Church @ Shively Heights for the next seven years before announcing his retirement in early 2019 after which Pastor Bingham would serve our congregation as the interim pastor.


In August of 2019 after well over 60 years in pastoral ministry the St. Paul Baptist Church @ Shively Heights would celebrate the official retirement of Pastor Lincoln N. Bingham.

On Sunday, September 22, 2019, the St. Paul Baptist Church @ Shively Heights would vote on and extend the call to Deryk D. Hayes to become her next pastor.

Since that time the church has made the conscious decision to move from maintenance to ministry and mission. There is a strong urge to reach entire households. We value Text-Driven Preaching, Discipleship, Spiritual Formation & Passionate Worship. 


Our church has embraced five core convictional commitments:

1. We are committed to the Scripture

2. We are committed to one another

3. We are committed to our neighbors

4. We are committed to excellence

5. We are committed to progress

Because of our commitments we regularly self-evaluate, adjust, make necessary changes but never move from our core commitments. There we have been led to grow as The Committed Church where our aim is to help humanity make the most important commitment in their lives!


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